About Bethlehem Community Patrol

We are a group of dedicated Volunteers helping the Police to prevent crime in our community. We do this by patrolling day and or night.

We will do our best to take on any role that will free up front line Police so they can focus on priority issues within the community

What we do....

  • Patrolling residential, business and industrial areas
  • Reporting signs of suspicious activity
  • Gather information for police through note taking and recording
  • Assist in accidents and crime scenes
  • Watch out for stolen vehicles and other property reported as stolen
  • Watch out for missing and wanted persons
  • Assist the public at community events including crowd control

Our Aims:

  • Keeping our community safer
  • Building a stronger community
  • Serving as eyes and ears of the Police
  • The eyes and ears of the community

How NZ Police See Us...

"Wouldn't be without them. They provide a second tier of feelings of security and reassurance"
"They are an extremely effective tool in the deterrence of criminal activity"
"With their local knowledge they are a useful resource in prevention"
"We have had a lot of success with CPNZ assisting in locating missing persons, cordoning crash scenes and responding in severe weather"
"That second set of eyes mobile in at risk areas is of great value"


What does a patrol do - view TV One Seven Sharp about Community Patrols from 12 February 2020



Remember "If You See Something - Say Something"